The MediaLog MediaFix: "The Price is Right"

This edition of the MediaFix is a final nod to Game Show Network's "The 50 Greatest Game Shows of All Time," the countdown for which I posted numerous commmentaries--and MediaFixes. Featured are two clips of "The Price is Right," which came in at #4 on the countdown, but probably should have been higher, maybe even #1 (in my opinion).

This first clip is the opening sequence for what was at the time called "The New Price is Right" with Bob Barker from 1972. It was the revival of the now-nearly-forgotten original "Price is Right" from the late-1950s and early-1960s. There are some noticable differences from the "TPiR" we know and love today, mainly the low level of excitement in the studio audience as the first contestants are announced.

(Source: YouTube; 1 min. 26 secs.)

This second clip is one from the rarely-seen original "Price is Right." It too is the opening to the show and the introduction of host Bill Cullen, who would go on to host many other game shows.

(Source: YouTube; 33 secs.)

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