The MediaLog MediaFix: "Puppet Playhouse" with Howdy Doody

One of the prevailing interests of the MediaLog is television history. Here is a MediaFix that is the intro for one of the landmark early television programs, "Puppet Playhouse," better known by the name of its puppet protagonist, Howdy Doody. Host "Buffalo" Bob Smith joined Howdy for a show that was a pioneer in children's television and paved the way for all the great kids' shows that followed. Those interested in learning more about the history of Howdy should peruse Stephen Davis' fascinating book "Say Kids! What Time is It?: Notes from the Peanut Gallery" (Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 1987). Also, Amazon has a number of Howdy Doody DVDsavailable for those interested in seeing more of the actual show.

(Video source: YouTube; 1 min. 1 sec.)

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