MediaLog SnapShot: Kellogg's Company Postcard

Kellogg's Company w/ Characters Postcard
Originally uploaded by Neato Coolville.

This interesting Kellogg's postcard features a photo of the cereal maker's corporate headquarters in Battle Creek, Michigan, in addition to several of the cartoon characters that graced Kellogg's cereal boxes at the time (which is not given but would seem to be in the 1960s based on the look of the building, the card, and the characters). Featured are both original Kellogg's characters like Tony the Tiger (looking much different than the most well-known iterations of Tony) and one of the Rice Krispies pixies, as well as licensed Hanna-Barbara characters Yogi the Bear and Huckleberry Hound.

Implicit in the card are a number of cultural currents: corporate culture of the kind that Kellogg's represented in the 1960s, the rising (and soon dominant) consumerism that such companies promoted and fostered, the kind of partnerships between consumer product (especially food) companies and media producers represented by the Kellogg's/Hanna-Barbara teaming implied here, and the popularity of characters from both of these sources, TV animation and cereal marketing and advertising.

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