MediaLog SnapShot: Hefty Lawn & Leaf Bags, 1973

Hefty Lawn & Leaf Bags, 1973
Originally uploaded by Roadsidepictures.

This picture (from Flickr) of a box of Hefty bags from the 1970s encapsulates everything I love about this kind of ephemera. This kind of everyday item is something that (almost) no one would ever think of saving or even of now considering seriously as an item of interest. But I find it fascinating for a number of reasons: as an example of packaging design from its era; as a "blast from the past" (of garbage bags!); and as an interesting example of a celebrity endorsement with the Jonathan Winters photo and signature. You can find a lot of photos of items like this--grocery or consumer items from the past--and it's one of the areas I like to search for pictures of on the always-interesting Flickr.

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