Mad About "Mad Men"

One of the MediaLog's favorite current TV shows is the brilliant "Mad Men." From the meticulous (and meticulously analyzed) early-1960s period atmosphere to the exquisitely drawn characters--both by the show's writers and directors, as well as the actors--"Mad Men" might just be the best show on television right now. (According to the TV academy it's the best drama of this past season.)

At a later time, I may do more involved analyses of the season's remaining "Mad Men" episodes (a summer cable series, the current season has only a few episodes left, ending in late-October). For now, let me just feature some of my go-to commentaries for discussion of "Mad Men" episodes:

• "Time" magazine TV critic James Poniewozik offers his "'Mad Men' Watch" each week on his TV and media blog "Tuned In" (which I recommend in general for good, incisive TV and media commentary).

• TV critic Alan Sepinwall (not sure for what publication) also offers weekly "Mad Men" commentary on his blog "What's Alan Watching?"

• Finally, Chicago Tribune TV critic Maureen Ryan does a weekly recap of each "Mad Men" episode on her blog "The Watcher." Her posting from today features a couple of clips from last night's episode for anyone wishing to sample (or relive) the latest episode.

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