MediaLog MediaBrief: Associated Press Botches Ken Jennings "Jeopardy" Story

It seems my previous post lambasting "Jeopardy" game show champion Ken Jennings for being ungrateful was based on a poorly researched and inaccurately written AP article. In a more candid and thorough article posted after the AP article by E! Online, a fuller explanation of Jennings' comments is offered.

In a rebuttal to a "New York Post" article criticizing him, Jennings said about his original statement, "It's a humor piece, and one which gets its laughs from the outrageous non sequiturs it proposes, not the ripeness of its target for criticism." He goes on to say, "You and I have a lot of history, 'Jeopardy.' You know I think the world of you--�you're putting my kids through college, for crying out loud! So I think I can be open with you in a way that others just can't. ... For the record: I've loved 'Jeopardy' since I was a kid, as anyone who talks to me for about five minutes knows."

Apparently, the AP writer either didn't read Jennings' entire statement, or had an ax to grind regarding Jennings or "Jeopardy," or was simply lazy. The original AP story on which I based my earlier post was bad journalism, and I now regret having reacted so sharply to it without looking into the story more. My apologies to Jennings or anyone else who might read the post and be offended by it.

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