The MediaLog MediaFix: "The New Treasure Hunt" (1970s Game Show)

Here is a video clip from the 1970s game show "The New Treasure Hunt" which I discussed in my earlier post on the Game Show Network program "The 50 Greatest Game Shows of All Time." The clip is a pretty good example of the game play: the contestant has to pick a gift-wrapped box out of the many that decorate the set; attached to the box is an envelope with a relatively small amount of cash in it, which host Geoff Edwards offers to the contestant in exchange for giving up whatever prize is offered inside the box (which can range from a "zonk" prize with no value to a car to the top prize of $25,000); the contestant then makes their choice, which in this clip turns out to be the wrong one! If this premise seems a little similar to "Let's Make a Deal," it is....

(2 mins. 36 secs.; source: YouTube)

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Allison said...

I remember watching this game show when I was a kid. I liked it then but that was probably because of all the pretty packages! :)