The MediaLog MediaFix: "What's My Line?" (1965)

Keeping with my practice throughout the Game Show Network's "50 Greatest Game Shows of All Time," here is a clip from one of the game shows featured last week. "What's My Line?" was one of the most venerable game shows in TV history, running from 1950-67 on Sunday evenings on CBS, then for eight more years in syndication. This longish segment (about nine minutes) is from 1965, towards the end of the CBS run. It is worth watching, though, as it is an ideal clip for those unfamiliar with "WML?" It includes the opening credits, the introduction of the panel and of moderator John Charles Daly, and the first guest. Skateboard demonstrator is the occupation of the guest, Pat McGee, who was also the reigning female national skateboard champion. Panelist Arlene Francis gets pretty close to it right away, and the interplay is a great example of the game play of "What's My Line?" If you're interested in seeing more of the show, it airs on GSN overnight weeknights at 3:30 am EST/2:30 am CST.

(9 mins. 1 sec.; source: YouTube)

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