The MediaLog Movies 100

On Monday, the MediaLog will begin "The MediaLog Movies 100." The "Movies 100" is a countdown of sorts of my top 100 movies. The countdown will be posted in several installments, one installment for each group of ten movies, starting with the 90s and proceeding through the Top Ten.

"The MediaLog Movies 100" is not a strict countdown per se, though, as I do not believe in ranking things in precise order like that. Rather, each group of ten movies will be listed in simple alphabetical order, with the ten films in the 90s ranking lower than the ten in the 80s, and with those ten ranking lower than the ten in the 70s, and so on. Within each group of ten, there will be no further breakdown by rank.

I do not mean for the ranking to be what I think are the "best" movies of all time, or even for it to be a list of my 100 favorite movies. The "Movies 100" is a listing of the hundred movies that have had the biggest influence on my life and my cinematic sensibilities, tempered by considerations of the traditional film "canon" and the conventional wisdom regarding what are the "best" films of all time.

As a sneak preview, you can count on the countdown containing films such as Woody Allen's "Annie Hall," Billy Wilder's "Sunset Boulevard," at least a couple of Chaplin's and a couple of Keaton's silent films, the 1980s red-scare movie "Red Dawn," a couple of Hitchcock films, and several late-1960s/early-1970s New Hollywood films. To find out exactly where these movies and all the others come in on the countdown, you'll need to check back in on the MediaLog regularly over the next few weeks!

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